3 Considerations Before Choosing Your Liquid Roof Coating

A commercial roof renovation project is a complex undertaking. Like any other large-scale renovation of your facility, it requires a lot of planning to be executed well. Before starting the job, you’ll want to have a thorough inspection of your roof to understand exactly what the job demands. Based on those specifics, you can then decide which liquid roof coating is best for your needs. Champion Services Roof Rescue wants you to consider these three factors when choosing the perfect coating for your roof.

1. The Structure of Your Roof

Applying a coating to your roof without knowing whether it’s compatible with the materials or composition can lead to a very poor outcome. You’ll need to consider how well the coating will integrate with the roof materials, the possible chemical reactions, and whether there will be any other factors that may compromise the adhesion of the coating. The roof’s level and nature of damage or deterioration should also be noted.

2. Environmental Factors

There are external factors that can have negative effects on the results of the job and the durability of the coating. Your coating should be chosen based on the weather and climate at your location. You should think about sun exposure, average temperatures, and rainfall amounts because these elements will affect the long-term capabilities of your roof coating. Additionally, consider the weather forecast when getting the job done because those conditions can affect how easily the coating cures.

3. Your Budget

Budget is one of the factors that greatly influence the details of the job. Since some coatings are more expensive than others, you will need to figure out what will work within your budget while also giving you good results.

These details can seem daunting to the average business owner. Fortunately, you don’t have to make these decisions on your own. Champion Services Roof Rescue will know exactly what to look for and will be able to guide you through the process. Let us inspect your flat roof and give you our professional recommendation. Call us today to get started!