Avoid Weather Damage With Liquid Roofing

Last time, we talked about the advantages of liquid roofing for commercial applications. In addition to its water resistance, compatibility, and the number of choices you have, there’s another very important benefit that comes with this type of roof. Champion Services Roof Rescue wants you to know that liquid roofing stands up well in all types of weather, reducing the risk of weather damage to your roof.

Here in the Carolinas, we experience a wide range of weather conditions. Our summers can be very hot and our winters carry the threat of ice and snow. As you can imagine, it’s difficult for certain materials to withstand such big changes. This is especially true since our weather can change dramatically from one week to the next. Add to that the fact that many commercial roofs are flat. This leaves them completely exposed to the elements.

That’s why liquid roofing is such an attractive option. It simply is not affected by weather conditions like other roofing materials. Its integrity isn’t compromised by humidity, rain, or high temperatures. Whether your commercial roof’s surface temperatures are over 100 degrees or there’s snow piled on top of it, it will still hold up.

Another advantage to liquid roofing is its wind resistance. Since there are no shingles or panels used in this type of roofing, there’s nothing to blow off. You’ll experience less roof damage over its lifespan. That’s good news for your budget and your productivity.

If you’re responsible for maintaining a commercial building, you may think that local roofing companies aren’t up to the task of applying liquid roofing. But if you’re in the Rock Hill, SC area, this isn’t the case. In fact, Champion Services Roof Rescue is one of the most experienced roofing contractors around. We provide excellent results and top-notch customer service on both residential and commercial roofing jobs. Call us today for your free estimate or request a quote online.