Instacoat Roof Restoration System: The Ultimate Protection for Your Roof

Are you looking for the ultimate protection for your commercial roofing? What if we told you that you could almost double the life of your flat roof just by applying a particular product? If you manage a commercial facility, this probably sounds too good to be true. But here at Champion Services Roof Rescue, we know it’s possible when you choose the Instacoat Roof Restoration System. Read on to learn more about this type of liquid roofing from our commercial roofing company.

Why Choose Instacoat?

Most facilities managers only think about replacing a flat roof when there are damages due to wear and tear or bad weather. Replacing these roofs is an expensive project. It takes time and can be messy. Roof restoration with Instacoat is a sustainable, cost-effective way to preserve your existing roof without having to go through a total replacement.

The Instacoat coating is water-based, environmentally friendly, weatherproof, waterproof, elastic, and extremely resilient against the elements. This combination of qualities makes it one of the best commercial roofing systems on the market today.

On the labor side, the compound itself is very easy to prepare and the application process takes less time to complete. The results are  long-lasting and the entire process is more convenient and affordable than traditional commercial roofing processes.

A Technologically Advanced Commercial Roofing Product

Instacoat is among the most highly advanced, innovative products in the commercial roofing industry. The application process requires no heat and a seamless, monolithic membrane is created upon application. The membrane sets quickly once applied, meaning that the project doesn’t have to be stopped due to the threat of rain.

Once applied, Instacoat has exceptional recovery and elongation characteristics. Thermal contraction and expansion due to direct sunlight and changing weather conditions won’t have an impact on the roof once this coating has been applied. The result? Extreme heat and weather are no longer a threat to degrade or damage your roof.

Another major advantage of Instacoat coating systems is that they’re basically maintenance-free. The coating has self-sealing and self-healing properties. Cracks, punctures, or cuts will fix themselves, saving you money and preventing larger issues from developing. These roof systems can also be customized with a variety of top coats based on your particular needs.

As you can see, the Instacoat Roof Restoration System is the ultimate protection for your roof. Call Champion Services Roof Rescue to learn more and to get a free roofing quote.