Avoid a Costly Roof Replacement With Liquid Roofing

Let’s be honest—no matter how much money you have, you don’t want to waste it. That goes for all types of expenses, including maintenance on your commercial building. If you’re having trouble with your roof, you probably want to avoid a full roof replacement. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars. Instead, you can extend the life of your roof at a fraction of the cost with liquid roofing. Here are some important steps that we take here at Champion Services Roof Rescue for our clients in Rock Hill, York County, Lancaster County, and throughout South Carolina.

Examination Before Roof Restoration

Before any commercial roofing contractor starts a job, they should take a closer look at your roof. Assessing any obvious damage beforehand can save you money on inspection and labor costs. You can conduct a preliminary examination from the ground to spot any cracks or gaps around the perimeter of your roof. You can also make notes of any areas where leaks or water damage are occurring.

But your roofing contractor will take a look at more than just the roofing materials themselves. Is the flashing rusty or pulling away? What about any drains or vents? Is there cracking caulk or damage to other sealants?

Application of the Liquid Roofing Solution

After the inspection has been completed, your contractor can begin the roof restoration. Liquid roofing coatings are a best bet for many commercial properties. These materials will breath new life into your roof at a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. The coatings can be applied over top of just about any type of roofing material. Plus, they offer unbeatable ultraviolet protection and are energy-efficient. They also have self-sealing and self-healing properties. The elastomeric qualities of these coatings mean that any cuts and punctures will fix themselves.

Call Champion Services Roof Rescue today for a free quote on your roof restoration. You’ll get a roof that will stand up to the elements and be virtually maintenance free. Talk to us and see why so many commercial property owners choose liquid roofing.