Silicone-Based Coatings in Liquid Roofing

In today’s commercial roofing market, there’s a push towards sustainable seamless roofing systems. Traditional roofing designs and materials are giving way to modern, innovative roofing. One of the most durable, convenient types of modern roofing is liquid roofing with silicone-based coatings. This roofing is suitable for any kind of commercial building and can give a new look to your property while helping your company minimize its environmental footprint and go green. As one of the leading liquid roofing companies in our area, Champion Services Roof Rescue wants to help you understand why this is such a great option for many businesses.

Liquid roofing is great because it is cheap, effective, and long-lasting. However, what makes it truly excellent is its silicone-based coating. Of course, you need professionals to apply this type of roofing but it takes considerably less time and energy than traditional roofing systems. The silicone-based coating may be applied over your existing roof; there’s no need to tear down the existing roof. This reduces mess and scraps and helps to ensure a seamless roofing process.

Commercial roofing of all kinds can use these silicone-based coatings. This includes Duro-Last, EPDM, Hypalon, roof membranes, TPO thermoplastic, and commercial metal roofs, to name a few. The finished product is sleek, seamless, and long-lasting.

You may be wondering about the price you’ll pay for such effectiveness and convenience. The good news is that liquid roofing often costs less than other alternatives! There’s no better kind of roof to apply to your new or existing building than this innovative roofing system. Don’t wait for the roof to be completely damaged before reroofing. Instead, replace your roof when you first notice leaks or signs of wear and tear.

To ensure excellence in the roofing process, you need to make sure that the job is handled by experts in the field. With Champion Services Roof Rescue, you’ll be guaranteed an excellent roofing job at a price you can afford. Request a quote today for service in Rock Hill, Lancaster, Lake Wylie, Clover, Indian Land, Fort Mill, York, Heath Springs, Chester, and Myrtle Beach, SC.