Liquid Roofing: The Perfect Commercial Roofing Solution

The roofing industry is constantly evolving thanks to several primary factors. Today, there’s a push towards state-of-the-art roofing. Included in this push is the use of technologically-enhanced roofing products. Most resources emphasize the use of asphalt singles for commercial roofing. Of course, these roof types are already in great demand. However, many businesses are demanding an even more innovative material to ensure seamlessness in installation, a sleek design, and a long-lasting commercial roof. Champion Roof Rescue has the answer: liquid roofing.

The term liquid roofing has become more common in recent times primarily because of its technology and effectiveness. This is a roofing process that waterproofs and protects the roof simply by applying a unique liquid coating, such as a silicone-based product. Although the concept seems new, liquid roofing has actually existed since the 1800s. Advancements in technology, especially in the roofing industry, are mainly responsible for its popularity today.

Liquid roofing has gained wide acceptance, especially for commercial roofing, due to several reasons. One such reason is the fact that it’s suitable for all types of roofs. This roofing process can be used for domed, pitched, and flat roofing, among other designs.

Liquid roofing is also popular because of its simplicity. The process only involves the application of the liquid coating on the roof. Fully bonded and monolithic coatings are typically used for the process. When applied, the coating bonds to the roof in the form of an elastomeric membrane. This ensures a waterproof effect with a high tensile strength.

This type of roofing has several advantages over traditional roofing processes. When you run the numbers, it could wind up being your best bet for replacement or refurbishment of your roof while saving up to 70% of the cost. But you won’t sacrifice quality. All in all, liquid roofing is high-performing, safe, economical, and easy to apply.

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